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Standard 4: Resources and Support Systems

Havana Middle School staff is highly qualified.   All teachers hold a teaching certificate in their specific subject area and no teachers are teaching out of field.  Information and confirmation pertaining to teacher credentials may be obtained at the following website:  At the beginning of each school year, teachers are given a teacher handbook and the material is reviewed in a professional development training workshop.  Class sizes are maintained according to the policies and guide lines of government stipulations.  For several years teachers have been provided with Lead Money for the purchasing of classroom items that help to promote student success through the use of extra materials and supplies.

Teachers use daily instructional time in the most efficient and constructive manner.  Teachers plan for extra time for intervention strategies to help students who are struggling to maintain the appropriate academic grade level comprehension.  The school utilizes focus calendars to guide curriculum instruction at the school wide level.  Parents are kept up to date on student progress and school information through memos and students' agenda books.  They can also access the school's website at  All instructional materials and resources are adopted through the district office with student success in mind.  All instructional materials are aligned with not only the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards, but also with Common Core State Standards.

HMS is in compliance with local and state inspection requirement and takes careful measures to ensure that all students are safe at all times on campus.  Any equipment deemed unsafe or hazardous is transported off site to a different location maintained by the district.  Teachers or staff may submit work order request for faulty items to Mr. Oliver, the head custodian, and he directly contact the necessary department in charge of solving that specific problem.  Emergency procedures are posted in each classroom and monthly drills are practiced to ensure that faculty, staff, and students are well aware of what actions to take in the event that an emergency should occur.

HMS incorporates several channels of media to support the curriculum and the success of students.  The Library Media Center plays an important role in assisting teachers and students in the retrieval of information deemed vital to the success of students.  The Library Media Center operates on an Open Access policy where teachers may sign up in advance as a class to visit the LMC on a daily basis to conduct research or engage media related tasks.  Teachers may also allow students to visit the LMC individually or in small groups to complete assignments.  Valuable resources may be accessed by way of the HMS website at and at the district website  Teachers use websites such as Brain pop:  http://www.brainpop .com, Destiny, LMC circulation search site at , and AR at  FCAT Explorer, and Success Maker,, are used to reinforce skills taught in the classroom.  In addition to internet sources, the LMC stocks a variety of professional reference sources that are available to faculty.  Monthly periodicals, newspapers and other media sources are also provided for student use as well.  The parent resource department at HMS provides training to parents on the use of programs that they and their child can access at home in order to extend and continue successful learning processes even when they are away from school.  These trainings can be provided during PTSO meetings and parent Expo nights.

Teachers and students incorporate the use of technology in teaching and learning throughout the school Classrooms are equipped with or are in the process of being equipped with the latest in technologically advanced equipment throughout the school.  Classroom computers, Smartboards, document cameras, and clickers are items that will serve to enhance the learning environment for students.  Ipod reading stations are expected in the near future as well as Library digital ebooks and subject area textbooks.   All staff members are trained on a continual basis on the use and integration of technology into daily class lessons.  Teachers sign a Code of Ethics and technology policy each year.  Parents and students must also sign an Internet permission form in order for students to access the internet.

Physical, social, and emotional needs of students are very important to improve learning at HMS.  A number of services that support students are available.  An on-site positive behavioral system is in place and is maintained on a school wide basis.  A student referral system, the RTI (Right to Intervention Process) allows teachers to refer students through Student Study Teams.  These teams meet several times over a period of several months during which time several intervention methods are provided to the student in order to help the student attain success.  Modifications are made based upon the findings of the RTI process.  Additional mentoring programs are in effect that support positive behavior both at school and away from school.   Representative of the Gadsden Homeless program provides social services to students on an as needed basis.   An ESOL district coordinator is available to ensure that the ESOL students are getting the highest quality education.  The school employs an on-site guidance counselor to provide services to students and their parents in the crucial areas of academic and social services.   A speech therapist as well as a school psychologist visits HMS on a weekly basis.  HMS has an active health clinic that is open four days a week to address the physical needs of the students.