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Standard 1: Purpose and Direction

Havana Middle School maintains and communicates a purpose and direction   that commits to high expectations for learning as well as shared values and beliefs about teaching and learning.  This is noted in the school's mission statement.

The operational mission statement is as follows:  HMS will provide a learning environment that is safe and conducive to learning which will focus on the needs of individual students.  The goals and expectations are set to both model and promote diverse skills and abilities, and prior knowledge of young adolescents while cultivating students' individual learning styles.  Our expert staff uses high quality and innovative methodologies that are proven to meet student expectations.  Targeted instruction and effective intervention are both provided and evidenced through district baseline assessments, monthly school check-on-learnings, and weekly mini assessments.

The staff ensures that student achievement is reached through our school leadership team, guidance counselor, department meetings, and inclusion teachers.  Furthermore, explicit teaching and a five-step teaching and learning process is used as an invaluable resource for energizing both teaching and learning. These processes assist in identifying, assembling, and delivering a comprehensive literacy plan that meets the needs of all learners regardless of ability.

School leadership implements a continuous improvement process that provides a clear direction for improving conditions that support teaching and learning. The school leader requires the overall use of Engrade to document a systematic use for improvement that supports students' responsibility.  The method also provides documentation for student achievement.  Stakeholders such as students, staff, parents, SAC, and PTSO members work both collaboratively and consistently in meaningful ways to build and sustain ownership of the school's purpose and direction.  School personnel systematically maintain use, and communicate a profile with current comprehensive data on students and school performance.  The profile contains thorough analyses of a broad range of data used to identify goals for the improvement and achievement and instruction that are aligned with the school's purpose.

All improvement goals have measurable performance targets and they include action planning that identifies measurable objectives, strategies, activities, resources, and timelines for achieving all improvement goals.  School personnel hold one another accountable and evaluate the overall quality of the implementation of all interventions and strategies.  This is evidenced through a teacher evaluation model provided by our school's leader as this process is implemented monthly.  Documentation that the process is implemented with fidelity and yields improved student achievement and instruction is available and communicated to leaders, students, and staff.